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Posted Thu, Aug 8, 2019

Having limited mobility shouldn’t mean a limited way of life. If you or a loved one needs help getting in and out of bed, a ceiling lift might help you. With a little work and some planning, you should still be able to enjoy your home comfortably. Staying home is important, and with the right tools, is possible. Installing lifts enables home caregivers to lift people in and out of bed with little or no effort. Lifts installed on the ceiling take up less space in a room than a floor lift, and are easy to use. They benefit both the user and caregiver, as the person isn’t jolted around, and the lift does all the work. When considering ceiling lifts, NJ residents look for a local company that provides the lift, and installs it. If you have questions, contact a Somerset County ceiling lifts company for more information today. Somerset County Ceiling Lifts

Somerset County Ceiling Lifts | Easier on the User

Having someone constantly roll and lift you in and out of bed can take a toll on people. If someone has pain issues, all this jostling and jolting can make it worse. The benefit of a ceiling lift is that it gently cradles the user, securely lifting them in one smooth movement. Lifts can move people directly into wheelchairs, meaning further independence and mobility. Because ceiling lifts offer increased mobility, and freedom, they offer a fuller lifestyle at home. The addition of a ceiling lift can make it easier for people to stay in their own home, where they’re happiest.

Somerset County Ceiling Lifts | Easier on Caregivers

Lifting people is not an easy business. For caregivers, just helping someone in and out bed can be a time consuming, back breaking task. While trying to be extra careful with someone, and keep them comfortable, they put themselves at risk for muscle strains. So, there are benefits for caregivers, too, in the installation of a ceiling lift. They have to move people on a daily basis, so a ceiling lift will benefit them as much as the user. Caregivers will also feel safer using a ceiling lift, as they offer ease and convenience because they support the person’s weight.

Somerset County Ceiling Lifts | Permanent vs Portable

Permanent ceiling lifts operate on a track attached directly to the ceiling and are battery powered. Once installed, they cannot be moved, but are always there, ready to go above the bed. One main advantage to a lift attached to the ceiling is that all the apparatus is above you. This means there’s nothing to trip over. If you’re renting a home, however, or planning to move, perhaps this might not be the best option. In this case, a portable lift might work better. It still lifts from overhead, and offers the same support, but the track runs on a free standing frame. Ceiling lifts are beneficial for the people who use them, and those who take care of them. Lifting people in and out of bed can be a strain on caregivers. Using a lift alleviates the heavy lifting, as it does all the work for them. Ceiling lifts mean more mobility, and more freedom to move around. Users can easily get from bed into a wheelchair and enjoy staying home. Staying in your own home means more independence, and a freer lifestyle. Ceiling lifts are safer for the user and the caregiver, and give caretakers more confidence when moving people. Lifts are easy to use, and always available. If you think a ceiling lift can improve your quality of life, don’t delay, contact a Somerset County ceiling lifts company.

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