Achieve your independence by helping others achieve theirs. A Business Opportunity Like No Other!

GreenLight Mobility Franchise is a business opportunity like no other. With a GreenLight Mobility franchise, you will:

  • Use your training, skills and passion to help others in your community
  • Serve a market that is positioned to grow exponentially over the next several decades
  • Benefit from experience of expert therapists and successful entrepreneurs committed to helping you duplicate their success

GreenLight Mobility Van

If you want to take control of your future by doing what you love best, it’s time to talk to consider a GreenLight Mobility franchise.

GreenLight Mobility is looking to build a network of the most qualified and committed professionals eager to take advantage of the business benefits below:


The National Institute for Aging estimates there are 16 million seniors currently reported to have at least one disability. These numbers are estimated to increase dramatically as the US population over 65 grows during the next two decades. Disability, age related or otherwise, creates challenges to independent living. Simply getting around the home and performing activities of daily living can be difficult and seemingly impossible.

These individuals and their families desire to live in their own homes despite their limitations and obstacles; they need your help!


Many people dream of being their own boss and all the benefits that come along with it. With a GreenLight Mobility Franchise you will also enjoy helping others who often have nowhere else to turn.

With our extensive background in Occupational and Physical Therapy as well as construction and mobility products, we will help you find the right answer for each and every customer regardless of how unique their challenges may be.

Low Overhead

It’s more affordable than you think. There are no expensive long term retail leases to sign and you won’t carry extensive inventories of products. You can run the business from your home with a small warehouse for products. The total initial investment to start is a fraction of what many other business concepts require, and yet the financial potential is virtually limitless.

You'll get everything you need to run your business

Access to Industry Experience

GreenLight Mobility founders are licensed Occupational and Physical Therapists with decades of experience. Almost 10 years ago, practicing therapists Karen and Gregg Frank found themselves frustrated with the lack of products, solutions and tools to help their clients successfully navigate life at home.

Their OT and PT education, training and experience helped them understand exactly what their customers needed, but finding a company to implement their solutions didn’t exist.

Our founders, like so many successful entrepreneurs before them, launched this business because of an unfulfilled need in the marketplace. And since they launched in 2008 their business has grown, every single year!

On Growing Support

GreenLight Mobility provides our business owners with the training and tools they need to succeed and the answers to even their most challenging questions. We are dedicated to two core principles: our owner’s success and providing exactly what our customers need to live as independently as possible in their own homes. When we support our owners in supporting their clients, we all benefit.

Life Balance

A GreenLight Mobility franchise will require hard work and perseverance, as would any business, but the GreenLight Mobility business model offers flexibility to enjoy time with family and other personal interests.

Unlike many business opportunities that require you to be open around the clock, generally our services are performed during regular business hours. A rewarding business that allows you to enjoy the benefits of your hard work.

That’s our vision!

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