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Posted Mon, Mar 23, 2020

Thinking of having Central Jersey Stairlifts install in your home? As seniors start getting older, they find stairs a challenge. It becomes difficult for them to get around the home using the stairs. When the stairs in a home become a challenge, some seniors contemplate and consider moving to a single level home. They also start thinking of moving to a retirement living area. These can both be pretty costly. A quick and less expensive solution would be to install a stairlift in their home. Here are a few benefits to adding a stairlift to a home. With accessibility and safety products in New Jersey, GreenLight Mobility has you covered. Central Jersey Stairlifts

Central Jersey Stairlifts | Safety

One of the most important benefit for getting a stairlift installed is its safety feature. Using a stairlift to get from floor to floor can reduce the risk of having an injury while going up or down the stairs. Also, stairlifts are very easy to use and operate. Some stairlifts are built with an extra cushion to provide the maximum comfort for every ride. They are made of good quality and comfort with the back board, seat and armrest with additional cushions. The main reason for an installation of a stairlift is for the safety of our loved ones and ourselves. Stairlifts are great to purchase but they are also available for renting, if you only need it for a few months.

Central Jersey Stairlifts | Independence

Having a stairlift installed in your home can bring you more independence. Moving up and down the stairs may require help from a friend or family. With the installation of a stair lift, you can definitely gain back the independence and freedom you have lost because of mobility issues. A stairlift provides a safe and easy way to access all the different levels of your home. Installing a stairlift in your home also provides a quick and affordable solution to any mobility issues. A lift can be installed in your home and ready to be used in a few days. If your staircase has a curve, it could take a few days longer since it will be more customized to your home.

Central Jersey Stairlifts | Stairlifts

The average cost of the stairlift can reach up to $5,000. There are financing options for those that may have difficulty to pay upfront. Depending on the design of your staircase, a lift can range different prices. The price of a stairlift is better than the cost of changing over to a senior living facility or the cost of moving to a new single home. A stairlift is the most cost-effective solution to navigating throughout your home. Most seniors want to remain in their own home rather than move to a senior living community. A stairlift usually is purchased by seniors because of limited mobility issues, yet they are also beneficial for those trying to recover from a body injury. The installation of a stairlift will give you access to all levels of your home during the recovery stage of a lower body injury or surgery. Searching for the best Central Jersey Stairlifts company? You need to contact GreenLight Mobility today! Having a loved one with a challenge, a stairlift could be the perfect solution. Many of our stairlifts can be purchased or rented and installation can be achieved rapidly. At GreenLight Mobility, we have been in business since 2007 and our main focus and goal is always helping people remain living in their own homes safely and independently. With our team of carpenters that create safe and accessible environments for New Jersey families, we are the company you need. Give us a call today!

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