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Posted Thu, May 30, 2019

Stairlifts are convenient and essential to anyone who owns a long-term wheelchair. Providing, of course that their house has stairs. Most houses do, of course, but assuming things is never polite. Indoor straight stairlifts are the way of the future for wheelchair owners. Because while wheelchairs can wheel around, stairs remain inconvenient. There are no practical means for indoor ramps for most conventional homes. So, the current go-to solution is stairlifts. A simple mechanical device to get you where you are going. Somerset County Stairlifts are happy to lift you up if you live in Somerset County. They are easy to install, and a worthwhile investment for mobility, and independence. Somerset County Stairlifts

Type of stairlifts | Somerset County Stairlifts

There are different types of stairlifts, dependent upon your needs, and the design of the stairwell in question. Seated stairlifts for traditional, straight staircases are one of the most common types. They work well for the most conventional types of staircases, the straight ones. Installed into the railing of the typical stairway in question, they lift you up. For fancy curved staircases, there are single-seated curved stairlifts. Inclined platforms are the type of stairlift that carries you seated in your chair. They are bigger contraptions but mean you do not have to move out of the chair and back again.

Considering the options Outdoor and standing stairlifts | Somerset County Stairlifts

There are many factors to pay careful attention to when selecting a stairlift. Aside from costs, there are simply so many nuanced options. One must think carefully about the type of seat; armrests, footrests, battery, swivel, collapsing, etc. There are different safety features (important in avoiding falls). Warranties on the product itself are important to have, in case of mechanism malfunction. The track itself is of huge importance. For this, one must be determined by the design of the staircase. And from there, personal/economic preference comes into play. Outdoor stairlifts are good for outdoor use. They can be styled for either a straight or a curved staircase. These stairlifts are heavy duty. They can survive the elements. They can withstand beating winds and rains and heat and hail and snow. Outdoor stairlifts can be used for your porch, your driveway, to your garage, to your deck. They also come with a handy-dandy lock and key to keep the raccoons from playing with it. Standing stairlifts are for lifting patrons while they are still standing.

Benefits of owning a stairlift | Somerset County Stairlifts

There is independence gained from owning a stairlift. It provides comfort and ease within your own home. Versus having to depend upon loved ones or a caregiver, people with wheelchairs can instead be mobile alone. It is the security of self-reliance. Owning a stairlift also provides safety. These devices can easily maneuver up and down the stairs. No fear of misstep or slipping. In addition, it is highly practical in a two-story, or even split-level home. So, if you are in the market for a stairlift, consider Somerset County stairlifts for all your stairlift needs. Wherever you have a staircase, stairlifts can help. Stairlifts are convenient not just to wheelchair owners, but for the elderly or people with disabilities. Stairlifts provide mobility and independence and safety. Be considerate of the purchase you make. Be sure that it is the best fit for your home and situation. Warranties are always recommended. There are so many different options for stairlifts out there. So really, just about any situation can be complied with. For quality care and affordable service, Somerset County stairlifts will help. Do not hesitate to make the decision that is best for you, and/or your loved ones.

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