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Posted Wed, Jul 10, 2019 in Bathroom Modifications

Grab bars are an important part of safety, well-being and independence for many different people. It is a popular feature amongst the elderly, as well as individuals with disabilities. The support of a grab bar in a treacherous environment for slips like the bathroom is essential. People who wish to live their lives independent of a caretaker or anyone else are greatly benefited by them. For in the shower or on the bathroom wall, grab bars are versatile and handy. There are so many different varieties of grab bars for a different variety of living situations and needs. So while the choice of purchasing a grab bar might seem daunting, it does not have to be. Be sure that you know all the necessary facts and are being led in the right direction. Essex County GrabBars will help you with a grab bars contractor New Jersey. Essex County GrabBars

Grab bar types | Essex County GrabBars

There exist various types of styles of grab bars to choose from to install in your home. One of the most popular design is the classic, sleek straight grab bar. It is just a bar that extends horizontally. For walls, however, the L-shaped is one of the most common. It helps when you need to stand or change hand positions. Grab bars come in various materials. Stainless steel is a common metal, sleek and sturdy. Others come in chrome, and some in types of brass. Plastic is a popular design if you need to relocate a grab bar easily.

Position of the grab bar | Essex County GrabBars

You should pick the material that will best work with the décor of your bathroom, and not interrupt the design. Options are almost endless. The placement of the grab bar is also a key decision that must be made carefully. Generally, it is best to put them at the hazardous places needed in your bathroom. Right by the bathtub helps entering and exiting the tub. One by the toilet, for access of it. Preventing slipping is key. Multiple are helpful, particularly around the toilet, shower and bathtub. ADA requirements require it, as a matter of fact.

Standards of grab bars | Essex County GrabBars

There are standards to purchasing a grab bar. It should be strong enough to withstand your weight. Therefore, grab bars are important, and towel racks won’t cut it. It needs to be anchored properly to the wall, also, otherwise its strength will be meaningless. The proper position is good too, straight, L, etc., because diagonal bars often are unstable and unhelpful for standing. A professional installer is good to have on hand, as they know the best way to place things. They know how to conform it to your standards and keep it fully up to code. Grab bars are important household fixtures for a good many people for many different reasons. There are also many factors that go into the purchase of a grab bar. The size of the bar (diameter, mount type, and finish). The diameter is important because the size of what you are grabbing should be proportional to individual hand size. The mount type, as discussed earlier, effects how functional the bar will be in assisting in standing. The texture is what the finish is made of, such as a grippy material for extra stability. Regardless of your needs, it is best to hire a professional if you are unsure what would work best. Or the best way to install it. Essex County GrabBars can support you there, providing quality care and service. You want nothing less than the best for your home.

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